Hi, I’m Laura Keily

BSc, LLB (Hons), MCommerclLaw, GAICD

I’m a barrister and entrepreneur. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of worlds – I have one foot in an ancient profession and the other foot in the whirlwind of start-up land. But I’m determined to bridge the gap between those worlds to promote legal equity.


After working for 12 years as a top-tier corporate lawyer in Melbourne and London, a company director and business adviser for blue-chip clients, I became a barrister in Melbourne.


My experience at the coalface of business has given me a sophisticated ability to navigate through corporate problems with hard work and bold advocacy. As a founder and director of businesses I am grounded in commercial reality. I can help my clients navigate the legal system effectively to reach optimal outcomes.

I love making a difference for my clients as a barrister. But since I became a barrister, I’ve been confronted with the disadvantage faced by some sectors of the community, particularly in accessing the legal system.


The problem of access to effective and reasonably-priced justice is pervasive and applies across of all levels of business and community. In response, I founded a transformative company with the core purpose of redefining and improving access to justice.


It’s often said ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. This is not always easy, but it’s important. As a woman running businesses at the Victorian Bar and in the legal technology sector, I could not be working in two fields that are more male-dominated. I am committed to advocating for true gender equity and obliterating stereotypes.


Sometimes to create a fair society, we need to level the playing field.

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