LAURA KEILY | Barrister | Direct Briefing
Laura Keily is a barrister and a fearless advocate who advises on the full gamut of business disputes in Australia.
Barrister, Australia, Corporations Law, Legal Disputes
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Direct Briefing

Legal team members who hold practising certificates can brief Laura directly without needing to engage an external law firm. This means that many businesses can instruct Laura for general advisory work, pre-litigation strategy advice and, where suitable, court appearances the same way that law firms can. Direct briefing provides organisations with the opportunity to secure excellent independent legal advice and have it delivered quickly and cost effectively.


While appreciating the traditions of the Bar, Laura is committed to modern practices where they suit her clients. Accordingly, Laura provides fee estimates and accepts briefs on a fixed fee basis in appropriate circumstances. Laura will also dispense with the old-fashioned formalities of traditional briefing where requested by in-house Counsel. There is no need for back-sheets, complicated memos, delivery of hardcopy briefs and pink ribbons. Electronic copies of documents and an email containing instructions are sufficient to get a matter underway.