Levelling the playing field with legal technology

It’s well documented that access to the legal system is out of reach for many people and businesses.


The current court process is complex, lengthy and very expensive, with many judges and courts being overburdened. Typically, it can cost $10,000 just to open a solicitor’s file and the minimum legal fees for a small contested matter are likely to be around $50,000.


According to the Law Society of NSW Commission of Inquiry 2017 Report ‘Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession’, delays in court proceedings can cause serious societal problems. The inquiry also found that there is an urgent need for funding for legal assistance, and a greater role for technology and innovation to aid access to justice. In the meantime, businesses and consumers are increasingly demanding greater value, more competitive pricing and other reforms.


They are saying, ‘I want to access to law and justice’.


The community also is expressing a preference for important issues to be resolved in a more sophisticated manner than just adversarial and acrimonious debate.


This is why I created Immediation.

Immediation is an online legal technology platform that enables cheaper, easier and faster access to dispute resolution. This saves time, money and stress, not to mention taking pressure off the already-burdened court system. The legal industry is ripe for innovation and online dispute resolution is on the rise globally. Immediation offers qualified, impartial experts to work with both parties to resolve cases quickly and efficiently without incurring unnecessary legal costs.


As well as helping corporate Australia to keep business relationships on track, the platform provides individuals and small to medium businesses with streamlined access to dispute resolution processes which they ordinarily cannot access at a reasonable price.


I believe that not all dispute resolution needs to be adversarial. Often it is in the client’s best interests to resolve disputes amicably and preserve the commercial or personal relationship between the parties. But the court system and the lead up to it gets in the way of this. Too often as a barrister I see relationships unnecessarily break down because of an extended legal process. Immediation helps parties resolve their dispute without the nastiness, and move on quickly with their business. It’s certainly not appropriate for all cases, but Immediation can help many people and businesses to get out of the court system, or the pre-cursor to the court system, and free it up for those that really need to be there.



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